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We offer:

  • We extract dust
  • We extract oil mist
  • We extract smoke
  • Air recuperation
  • Atex systems
  • Heating
  • Cooling


We also do supplementary:

  • Filter regeneration
  • Modernization of the installation
  • Post-warranty service



We work with many producers in the country and abroad and we choose systems for the existing problem, using the experience of many companies.

Strengths are combining processes and using dedicated solutions for them.

We offer:

  • Combining the processes of tilting, recuperating and heating in one system
  • Combining extraction of oil mist, recuperation and heating in one system
  • Combining smoke removal, recovery and heating processes into one system
  • We combine processes by which the distribution of fresh, heated air does not interfere with the removal of pollutants
  • The result is a reduction of total installation costs, and effective system cooperation.


  • Better working conditions for employees, clean air
  • We increase the company's performance through temperature adjustments
  • Lawful working conditions
  • We increase the attractiveness of the company's job offer in the labor market
  • The highly advanced device has a longer life
  • We care about the environment